Paediatric Dental Services


Paediatric Dental Services

• Comprehensive Oral and Dental Examination

Comprehensive Dental Examination is a service we provide for all new patients. Similar to a complete medical examination with your physician, this examination process is considered the current Standard of Care with the American Dental Association. During this examination we are able to document and compare the findings that are significant to your oral health. The Comprehensive Examination and Evaluation consists of six areas of your oral health:

Evaluation of current dental condition, dental restorations, detection of new decay and fractured teeth

Evaluation of the occlusion (how your upper and lower teeth relate to each other in function) and growth and development

Periodontal examination and evaluation of the supporting bone and tissue around the teeth

Esthetic evaluation of the smile

Temporal mandibular joint (TMJ) evaluation

We will take time to listen to your concerns, considerations and desires when it comes to the correction of your oral health problems. Treatment plan options will be developed and discussed as a result of our clinical findings, our professional judgment and your wants and needs. Our mission is to assist you in obtaining optimum oral health. We know that this mission is dependent on a team of people (including you the patient) working toward a common goal. We look forward to continuing to assist you in your mission toward optimum oral health

• Dental cleaning

In our clinic we provide a thorough dental cleaning. Dental cleanings involve removing plaque (soft, sticky, bacteria infested film) and tartar (calculus) deposits that have built up on the teeth over time. This cleaning is performed with the use of a special electric toothbrush to brush and polish the teeth. If there is tartar on the teeth this is also removed by ultrasonic equipment. The process of dental cleaning is painless and provides also a pleasant introduction of the dental equipment to the child that doesn’t have a previous experience in the dental office.

• Fluoride treatment

Fluoride helps prevent tooth decay by making the tooth more resistant to acid attacks from plaque bacteria and sugars in the mouth. It also reverses early decay and also helps speed demineralization in already erupted teeth of both children and adults.

In our office we use fluoride gel in many different flavors, or varnish, according to international guidelines. Fluoride gel is delivered into small, flexible foam trays and placed over the teeth for 4 minutes. Fluoride varnish is painted on the teeth using a small brush. It is best not to eat, drink or rinse for 30 minutes after the fluoride has been applied.

• Regular hygiene visits and regular checkups

It is important to educate parents about good oral hygiene habits in order to prevent cavities and dental disease, and to build a relationship between the child and the dental team. We also want to familiarize the child with the dental office environment facilitating an easier introduction to dentistry.

Our specialty enables us to be fast and efficient in diagnosing and treating children. We believe that there is no restoration worth making a child afraid of dentistry. We emphasize a soft gentle approach to put the children at ease to make them comfortable with the dental environment. Maintaining your regular’s checkups will ensure that optimum health will be archived for the child.

• Dental treatment for deciduous (baby) & permanent teeth

Patients are treated in all needed aspects of pediatric dentistry in a non-threatening atmosphere where the parents could accompany their children to the treatment room if they choose to. A full range of treatment is provided to ensure that all dental problems will be resolved. Emphasis is given to provide esthetic restorations for our patients

• Sealants

Sealants protect the grooved and pitted surfaces of the teeth, especially the chewing surfaces of back teeth where most cavities in children are found. Made of clear or shaded plastic, sealants are applied to the teeth to help keep them cavity-free. Sealants “seal out” food and plaque, and thus reduce the risks of decay.

After a sealant is applied, the surface of the tooth is flatter and smoother. There are no longer any places on the chewing part of the tooth that the bristles of a toothbrush can’t reach and clean. Since plaque can be removed more easily and effectively, there is much less chance that decay will start.

• Athletic Mouth guards

A properly fitted mouth guard, or mouth protector, is an important piece of athletic gear that can help protect the teeth, and should be used during any activity that could result in a blow to the face or mouth.

Mouth guards help prevent broken teeth, and injuries to the lips, tongue, face or jaw. A properly fitted mouth guard will stay in place while your child is wearing it, making it easy for them to talk and breathe. In our clinic we ensure the best quality of mouth guard fabrication.

• Early orthodontic evaluation

Early evaluation provides both timely detection of problems and greater opportunity for more effective treatment. Prudent intervention guides growth and development, preventing serious problems later. When orthodontic intervention is not necessary, we will carefully monitor growth and development and begin treatment when it is ideal. If there is no need for early intervention, braces are typically placed once most the permanent teeth have fully erupted.

• Trauma care

Children often suffer from trauma on the front teeth. In our clinic a full evaluation of the trauma is performed and the traumatized teeth are treated according to the latest guidelines. Most of the times the treatment requires bonding which is the process in which tooth-colored material is applied to tooth surfaces, sculpted into shape, hardened and polished to match surrounding teeth. With this procedure, we repair chipped or fractured teeth.

We also educate the parents in early detection of some common problems children may face, including thumb sucking, bruxism and baby bottle tooth decay.

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