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All our Specialists are educated in American Dental Schools


American Dental Clinic is the absolute option for excellent, safe and quality dental care in Albania.

The American Dental Clinic is dedicated to Orthodontics and Paediatric Dentistry. The Clinic employs a team of highly qualified specialists, carefully selected for their commitment to excellence, responsibility and quality dental care. All our specialists are educated in American Dental Schools, hold vast experience and regularly attend major international conferences and seminars on new developments in dental science and practice.

We utilize the latest and most advanced equipments and technology in which enables us to carry out the best and most comfortable treatment possible.

The American Dental Clinic is easily accessible in the center of Tirana, with modern spaces and a warm and welcoming atmosphere that will make your child and you SMILE.


Our mission is to create healthy, attractive and confident smiles through excellent professional service in a fun and relaxed atmosphere for children adolescents, special needs patients and their families.

The ultimate goal of our practice is clinical excellence. At American Dental Clinic each patient receives a personalized treatment plan suitable for his or her individual needs. Our stuff is committed to maintain a leading edge in new innovative techniques and technologies which ensure excellent care with maximum comfort.